PRP Treatment for Hair and Skin

We Use Your Own “Factors” For Your Treatment

PRP or Platelet-rich Plasma treatment uses your own plasma that comprises special proteins, also referred to as “factors,” for the treatment of your hair as well as your skin. Injecting the same into your skin or scalp, therefore, leads to the most fruitful result. Some proteins help in the clotting of the blood while some of them support the growth of the cells. In both ways, these factors become an important element for fostering the glow on the skin as well as the shine in the hair.

PRP Thinning Hair

The platelets with higher concentration and the growth factors that are found in the plasma of the client are used by our experts. This plasma injection prolongs the growth of anagen, thereby preventing the loss of hair. With our specialised team of aestheticians, you can experience a painless thinning hair treatment that uses no chemical but your own plasma. It is recommended to the people opting for it to undergo the treatment once in a month. In three to four sessions, you will get the best and most desired output in the form of thicker, denser, and shinier hair.

from £200

Facial Rejuvenation Combination of PRP

Are you planning to get ready for the Halloween-themed party next week? Well, if that’s the case, our PRP therapy for a vampire facelift is recommended. We use your plasma proteins not only to make your hair shine and face glow but also to give you the scariest-ever look for the event. In the process, we treat the fine lines that bother you along with taking care of the pigmentation using Vitamin C Hyaluronic acid mixed with PRP in a single syringe which is then injected all over your face. Whether it is your vampire makeover or complete rejuvenation of your facial features, this therapy is what we always prefer for our clients.

If you want to experience the next to natural process to improve the appeal of your hair and facial features, here are our experts to help you with the best PRP treatments.

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