Micro Needling

Get Rejuvenated Skin Through Microneedling

Your skin loses its natural glow and beauty with times. As you grow old, your skin starts looking dull and damaged. In some cases, the sign of aging on the skin becomes prominent even before you reach a certain age. Dull and damaged skin can be the reason for unhealthy food habits, hectic lifestyle, various ailments and being directly exposed to dirt, dust and sunlight.

No matter what is the reason, you should not take the matter lightly and must do something to get rid of your dull and damaged skin. You may have an attractive structure of the face with the flawless shape of nose and lips, but everything looks unattractive because of your dull skin.

We Have The Solution!

Do not feel bad or do not lose your confidence because of that. We are here to help you. Meet the experts of Kate Aesthetic in London for the best microneedling treatment.

What Is Micro Needling
  • Micro needling is a revolutionary treatment process that helps you to get rid of the dullness of your skin and provide you with smoother and brighter looking skin. It was developed by Dr Desmond Fernandes, a renowned plastic surgeon from South Africa. Microneedling procedure is a popular way of treating the damaged part of your facial skin to remove the signs of aging and dullness and you can easily get back your fresh and charming skin after the treatment.
  • It develops the cell regeneration process of your skin and enhances the production of collagen as well.
  • It is also known as CIT or Collagen Induction Therapy and it must be performed by trained and experienced professionals.
  • A skin roller is used in this process which has multiple fine needles and the expert rolls the tool on the surface of the skin during the treatment.
  • The size of the needles varies from 1mm to 3mm in length and they are used to penetrate the upper layer of your skin to activate the natural healing power of your skin.

Why You Need This Treatment

Our micro needling treatment can be obtained to get rid of various types of health issues. However, the main aim is to obtain flawless skin without a single sign of damage.

  • The process reduces the scars developed by acne on the face
  • It also makes the rough texture of your skin smooth and glowing
  • It reduces the visible effects of pigmentation on your skin
  • This procedure stimulates the production of elastin and collagen

Cost-Effective Way Of Getting Smooth Looking Skin

Call us to know the microneedling treatment cost and you will understand that this is one of the most cost-effective ways of having wrinkle-free and damage-free skin. Moreover, the process is 100% safe on every skin type and it comes without any side effects. This is a good treatment even for the sensitive skin type as well.

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We will feel delighted to assist you....please contact us!